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Man flattering fashions

We found a few real cool tips on what shapes best suit different guys. They might be pretty basic but believe us; they can make a whole big difference! Watch how these easy pointers make a trendier man out of you.

Ties: The rule is thin guys: thinner ties, thick guys: thicker ties. Really muscular guys with thick necks look better tieless, with an open shirt.

Jackets: Double-breasted jackets look okay when they’re buttoned. If you open them, they just hang there. Single breasted jackets are much easier and also hot either buttoned or left open. The golden rule of buttons is: you may button the top, the middle but never ever button the bottom button.

Belts: Thin guys have it easy on the belt department, they look good with almost anything – just don’t overdo the sizes – keep it proportioned to your body structure. For men on the thicker side, it’s an absolute no-no to wear belts that have huge buckles and bands – they just focus the attention towards the big belly!

Shirts:  If you’re heavy, you should wear a dark shirt under a dark suit to keep your belly from standing out. Pinstripe shirts are a fashionable choice to make you appear taller.

Jeans: You want to look like a man and not a ‘crack-dude’ – stick with jeans that fit your bottom. Low rise jeans should be avoided if you want to appear more of a gentleman – low rise jeans make your torso look weird from the front and your booty like a pancake!

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