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Gold jewelry care

Gold is probably the most desired jewelry in Nepal. It’s expensive and it’s sensitive. When new from the jewelry shop, its glitter and scratch free surface is something that you’d like to preserve for ever. There are some things you can do to ensure it stays as good as new.

Take off those precious gold jewels while taking a bath, washing or cleaning. Although soap does not harm gold, it is known to leave a hazy deposit, making your gold ornament will look less shiny.

Chlorine, particularly at high temperatures, reacts with gold, and can cause permanent damage to your gold ornaments. Hence hot tubs are more dangerous for your gold.

Remove your jewelry when engaging in activities that may expose your jewelry to hard contacts or chemicals like sports, gardening or housework. If you find it difficult to take off your gold rings then wear proper rubber gloves.

Makeup, perfumes and hair products can cause chemical damages to your gold jewelry. So it is advised to wear your jewelry after you have completed with your makeup.

Gold being a very soft metal should be stored separately or avoided from getting exposed to other hard and rough materials.

You can clean your gold ornaments with lukewarm water and mild soap and a soft brush. Rinse and polish with a soft cloth. Let it dry well before storing as water residue can stain your ornaments. Grease can be removed by dipping it in ordinary rubbing alcohol.

Take proper care of your gold, keep it shinning and new and it’ll return you the favor.


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