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Wet weather footwear care

The infamous monsoon is to hit the city in full form any time soon. Street sides turn into rivers and the sewers spew their contents and the streets are filled with puddles. This is a troublesome time for all the shoe lovers. With previews we are getting of what the monsoon is to bring to our Kathmandu, we suggest you get prepared.

If you get caught wearing unsuitable footwear in the rainy season, you might find yourself having a hard time with keeping care of your shoes. You might also wind up with smelly feet. Here are some pointers to keep in mind in the season of the rains.

Slippers, flip flops and sandals are better options. Easier to wash, clean and dry, they are more convenient in the summer and monsoon. Also being cheaper than shoes, they are more “expendible”.  

Leather shoes are to be avoided as the wet, humid climate of the rainy season may cause the material to spoil, often the result of Fungus. Synthetic leather makes a smarter choice. Cloth and satin shoes are much more difficult to clean than the others and hence should be avoided.

Water and mud will ruin your shoes so avoid wearing your best footwear. If you do happen to get them wet, dry it immediately in the sun and then clean with a dry cloth. It may be hard to get some decent sun shine in the monsoon so it is better you don’t get them soaked. Do not dry your leather shoes in front direct heat. The heat will ruin your shoes.

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