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Tips for laptop owners

The laptop is one of the coolest creations of the modern technology. They’re sleek, beautiful, useful, and obedient and you can even take them to bed! Ever since you set your eyes on them, you have had the urge to buy them. Its love at first sight! If you’ve bought one, you’ll need to take good care of it so that it’ll last long. Here are some tips a laptop lover like you ought to know.

  1. Laptops can run both on battery and on a power supply. Do not over recharge your battery. When you have access to a power supply, use it, and take out the battery if it’s charged.
  2. A laptops screen consumes the most power. When your laptop is running on battery, you can extend the power life by dimming your screen. Also, consider disabling auto Bluetooth and WiFi network detection.
  3. If you happen to spill some liquid on your laptop, shut down the laptop immediately and take out the battery and disconnect all the peripherals. Then lift and turn the laptop on to its side to drain any liquid. Then use a hair dryer to dry it.
  4. To protect your laptop from dust and dirt, use an skin cover. Skin cover protects your keyboard and screen from getting dirty and dusty. They’re easy to clean and make typing a silent job. However you might have some difficulty in getting the perfect fit.
  5. A laptop case is a must as you will be carrying your favorite gadget around. A good laptop case should cushion your laptop from minor bumps, keep it dry and be durable.
  6. Laptops are more prone to hard drive failure so remember to regularly make backups of your data. Laptops are also more liable to get lost or stolen so you might want to encrypt your data.

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