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Anger: Don’t let it get the best of you

Last time we discussed on how to know if you are suffering from anger management problems. Anger when not expressed in a healthy and positive way can lead to all sorts of problems, mentally and physically and socially and individually. Every one has the right to speak their opinions, feelings, needs and change their minds and say no without feeling guilty. But we should take care and see to it that they are expressed in a calm and dignified manner and not in a state of rage and negativity.

The next time when you find yourself all ready to explode, whether you are one of those who keep silent and hold grudges or one of those who take out their anger on anyone or anything close to them, stop! Stop for a moment and take some slow and deliberate breaths and count to ten.

Instead of unleashing all that fury on someone or somebody else, go for a walk or run, do things that’ll help you relax and recollect. Take as much time as it is necessary for you to calm down. Once you have regained your cool and composure, you are in a much better position to express your anger in a more positive way. When you are more in control of your anger and thus yourself, you will be able to express your anger more clearly and to the point. As a result, your opinions are more likely to be listened to.

If you are angry and have decided not to talk about it because you are irritated, you are harming yourself by burying those feelings within yourself. Do not turn that anger inwards. Calm down and get someone to talk with. You will feel better by simply sharing your feelings.

Anger thus need not be something horrible. It is the lack of ones self control over it that gives it that horrible image. Learn to release your anger in a more controlled manner and you won’t be letting your anger get the best of you.

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