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Eating to stay younger

Every morning when you head off to office, you look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see in it? Do you see a fat old person staring at you with disappointment scribbled all over his face? Even if you aren’t that old already, you’re probably worried at the ratio at which your hair line is receding and your waist line is increasing! Wish you could stay young forever?

Getting older is something you cannot completely escape, but you can always try keeping old age at bay. One way you can avoid getting old quickly is by eating healthy.

With the passage of time, we get weaker. Our muscle mass decrease and our bones lose their toughness. The body functions and senses we take for granted start to get affected. Therefore as we get older it is necessary that we be more careful of what goes into our mouth.

The older we get, the harder our body finds it to digest food. So it may be necessary for you to take in extra vitamin supplements and proteins. Three of the most essential nutrients we must maintain with age are Zinc, Vitamin B6 and calcium.

Zinc is essential to help our body’s immune system to function properly. Dieticians and doctors recommend that you take in zinc rich foods like poultry and whole grains. A vegetarian diet often contains less zinc than a meat based diet and so it is important for vegetarians to eat plenty of foods that are rich in this vital mineral.

Older people tend to develop a deficiency of vitamin B6, especially those over the age of 50. Foods loaded with this vitamin are bananas, potatoes, kidney and pinto beans.

Finally to help those old bones absorb the shock from knocks and support the body weight, you must take in extra calcium. Calcium supplements are easily available. Foods rich in calcium are fish, milk, beans, almonds and turnip greens.

So if you are careful of what you consume, you can be sure that you can live a longer and healthier life.

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