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Five basic rules of life


What is life??? The question sounds quite erratic to all of us because we all think we have an idea of what it is. In a general sense, life means something "alive". Life doesn’t have any precise definition. It’s almost as difficult as to answer as where life came from.

People spend their entire life searching for the answer to what life is. When you take life as a game; there are some rules which you have to abide by. Follow these rules of life which will definitely help you achieve more through less and live a healthier life.

The five basic rules:

  1. Life is not a fair game so better get used to it.
  2. If you hassle/mess up don’t blame your parents or moan about it, better realize and    learn.
  3. Your school may have given you numerous second chances when you’ve flunked your    grades, but in the school of life you seldom get second chances.
  4. Opportunities do not knock your door; it’s you who should knock its door.
  5. The world won’t care about you and your self esteem until and unless you achieve    something. So go out there and prove yourself.


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