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When not to color your hair

Changing the color of your hair once in a while does wonders for your self esteem. Women seem to know this better than the men do. They buy color packs from the market or visit a beauty saloon to get professional help. Whether you are a male or a female, whether you color your hair at home or at a saloon, you should color your hair only when it is safe to. Yes, sometimes it’s not safe to color your hair. Never thought about that, did you? Coloring your hair when not appropriate can have negative effects on your hair and on your health. Read the following and get advised.

Do not color your hair if you have a scalp injury. If you suffer from injuries like scratches, burns, scrapes, cuts, blisters, or stitches, they need to be allowed to heal properly before you color your hair. The chemicals from the dye can enter your blood through these openings and cause blood poisoning. This can be life threatening.

If your hair has been over processed, like for example you’ve had a recent straightening, recent hair dyeing, frequent curling iron or blow-dryer use, or exposure to swimming pool chlorine or other harsh chemicals; your hair may have been damaged to the point that coloring your hair may cause split ends, brittleness, or even hair loss. If such is the case you need to wait for a couple of weeks for your hair to get back in good shape.

If you are losing hair naturally or your hair has thinned due to some illness, postpone coloring your hair. Get a medical checkup before proceeding with your color job. If you don’t know if your hair is too thin for a color job, ask your hair stylist.

Always check if you are allergic to the ingredients in the hair dye, especially if you are changing brands. Apply a small daub of the solution to the inside of your elbow and leave it undisturbed for 48 hours. If your skin becomes red, irritated, burning or itching, or develops a rash, you should not use the product. Continuing with the hair dye if you are allergic may lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening complications.


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