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Keeping the talent in the country

eNasha met with the man behind WebSearch, a young Swedish man Bjorn Soderberg, and had an exclusive interview with him. Full of energy and aspirations, Mr. Soderberg told us about his new project – WebSearch.
WebSearch Professional Pvt. Ltd, an IT company established under a Swedish investment, designs websites and web applications and is a partner with Swedish IT companies. The comapny strives to do its business in a way that creates a lasting positive effect in the society. Owing to its strong Corporate Social Responsibility values, it is launching a scholarship in B.E in Computer Engineering in Collaboration with Kathmandu University from the 2007 semester. The scholarship is for talented and driven young students who want to make a career in IT and Web Technology but couldn’t otherwise afford it.
The problem with Nepal, states Soderberg, is that the trained and skilled resources leave the country after working a while with the national companies. As a result the companies and the nation suffer. With WebSearch, Soderberg and his associates plan to help the Nepalese students to make the decision to stay in Nepal and contribute to their country. They plan to achieve this by providing the talented and deserving students with scholarships and a 4 year job guarantee if they meet the criteria. The whole idea of WebSearch is “to earn profit and give back to the society and keep it in balance”. The company follows the model of “10 students in 10 years”; a model that has proved to work and is being joined by other companies in this initiative.

The WebSearch Scholarship shall finance 60% of the tuition fee for 2 candidates. The remaining 40% can be earned by delivering projects for WebSearch. This is so that the student will graduate with real knowledge and will be driven to perform. Upon completion of the studies, the student is to serve 4 years of employment at WebSearch Pvt. Ltd, as per the agreement paper.

Soderberg believes that, “you can find people but you need the right people”. The right people in his opinion are those who are ambitious and hard working and deserve scholarships to help them reach their goals. He has been carrying out his social responsibilities towards the society and company for the past 6 years now through a recycle company.

In the end, Sodernberg parted with two messages. To change the situation of the country, he suggests that Nepal needs to create opportunities for the educated to remain in Nepal. From the business point of view, a consistent business is a conscious business and to get a scholarship you need to work for it. Like the way India has developed tremendously in the last 10 years, he proposes that Nepal should also start investing in education as it could be more profitable than investing in land and housing.
WebSearch has already provided scholarships for two students, and has plans to increase this number in the future.

eNasha would like to thank Mr. Bjorn Soderberg for his commitment towards helping the Nepal and its people. We would like to wish him all the best in his endeavors.

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