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We have different ways and names to represent a relationship. We have relationship with our family, friends and our lover. These relationships have respect, love and care. Another type of relationship is the one between bosses and employees. This relationship has its own rules and features. Every relationship can be healthier, happier and satisfied only if we are willing to work on it.

A boss-employee relationship is actually a very complex one with all the stress involved in it. It becomes the employee's first duty to be subservient to his boss. A good working environment demands that both the bosses and the employees maintain a positive relationship. Effective communication can minimize the stress and negotiate the complexity of the relationship. The bosses are very much under pressure most of the time so employees should take care while communicating with him. While communicating, an employee should be respectful, fully prepared in stating the essential content and providing clearly with supporting information as needed.  These may seem as small things but can effectively boost a healthy and supportive relation with the boss.

Employees should understand and know the boss's managerial style. One should have the ability to adapt them selves to it. It is important that one knows the boss's needs and have the potential and preparedness to provide it with efficiency. Hence, it becomes the duty of the employees to understand the boss's priorities so that disappointment can be avoided.

All relationships have a personal component; likewise, professional relationships are no exception. But we should always remember that the bottom line is always professionalism and should be wise enough in monitoring the degree of personal information exchanged between the two of you.

A relationship between the boss and the employee is something which we all will experience in our life, one time or another. The success of our job literally depends on how successful we are in gearing up the relationship with the boss. Therefore, to get along with your boss, you need to play your part of the good employee, be able to deal with the emotional roller coaster of everyday life and view your job in a positive manner.

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