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Peer Pressure

It is not uncommon to see several youngsters succumb to pressure from their peers. They take up or do things they would normally otherwise not do, just so as to be accepted in a group. Peer pressure, depending on the nature of friends the kid hangs out with may either bring the best out of a child or take him down the wrong lane.

Peer pressure is something we all have probably experienced while growing up. Smoking, drinking and staying out late are some of the constant peer pressures we grew up with. Some of the young kids don’t turn out as fortunate as the rest of us. They end up dropping out of college and taking drugs or any other of the low life stuffs. But peer pressure isn’t something that only affects you once in life. 

Yes, youngsters are most prone to peer pressure; however it is not only kids who are subject to it. As a social animal, we are constantly surrounded by our peers and knowingly or unknowingly, we are facing peer pressure. Just because you made it pass the school years safely or slightly scuffed, doesn’t mean you’re safe. Peer pressure hunted us in school and also hunts you in the office. Peer pressure effects people of all ages and backgrounds.

The place we work in no doubt effects the way we behave. The environment we work in, the work we do and the different kinds of people we work with shape our personality. To get ahead in the struggle of corporate success we often find ourselves compromising with our ethics. By peer pressure we often find ourselves having a different personality at work than that at home. People who dislike the idea of drinking often find themselves sipping a peg or two during social gatherings. Non smokers may often find themselves inhaling second hand smoke, while listening to business deals. We find ourselves saying “Yes” at group discussions when in fact we think “No”.

Peer pressure is something that is so evident at times but even then hard to ignore. As a result we are always compromising. It should be understood that being an individual involves making decisions based on what is best for yourself, and realize that you have the power to say “No”. Remember, being an individual can still mean that you are a valued part of a group.

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