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To comb or to brush?

To groom our hair, we have two basic tools, the hair brush and the comb. The comb and the brush, due to the differences in their make, serve differently. So when do you use a comb and when do you use a brush?

When you’ve just stepped out of the shower, always use a comb to remove knots and tangles. Brushing wet hair can damage your hair, so you should detangle your hair with a comb. With a wide-tooth comb start near the ends of the hair, comb downward with gentle strokes. When you’ve finished with the tangles at the end, gradually start combing from closer to the roots of the hair. With dry hair also a comb is a better option. To smooth and detangle your hair, use a comb. After the removing of tangles, you may use a brush to create style, shine and volume.

Once tangles are removed from straight or wavy hair, a brush is usually the tool of choice for styling and smoothing hair. Dry and untangled hair can be gently brushed at any time. Wet hair may be brushed as part of the styling process. Round brushes can be used to add volume and body to fine or limp hair. A flat brush is useful for smoothing long, thick or coarse hair.

Whether you opt to use a comb or a brush or both, remember to always be gentle on your hair.

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