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4 ways to get your message across to your guy

When it comes to talking to your man, it may seem that he doesn’t speak the same tongue as you do. You say something; he interprets it in another way. You tell what you want and he’ll think you’re being bossy. It sure is tricky trying to converse with your man, unless he makes the effort to understand the women’s language, which most probably he wont. So often it’s the women who have to make most of the effort in understanding their partner. Here are some common situations women may find them selves in, when trying to get a message across.

Fix this! : You want your guy to be handy around the house. Fix a leak, paint a wall, take out the trash, and change a bulb and so on. The trouble here is that you’ve probably told him to do it  a hundred times, and he even promises to, but at the end there are no results! Whether it’s because he keeps forgetting it or he’s just avoiding the task and your wrath altogether, you can get your job done through your man by using the right way. The next time you want something done, don’t ask him to do a specific task. Instead, let him be the problem solver. Try helping him with the job, all you have to do is to be interested in how he gets it done and pass him his tools. Men love to show off to an interested lady!

Get it your way: Men can be stubborn when it comes arguing. No matter what the subject matter is, he always has to be right. Arguing with him will get you nothing worthwhile. However if you keep your cool and admit he’s right and tell him you still want things done your way, you will.

Make your idea his: A great way to get a man fall for you is to let him know you’re interested but not necessarily easy with a “maybe”. Maybe you would like to meet him, maybe you would like to go see that new movie…this way you won’t be rejecting him outright and yet not accepting either. He’ll feel encouraged and challenged by that single word.

Compliments: Men seldom get compliments from women. So any compliment received is well cherished. Complimenting a guy’s masculinity is most appreciated, be it his physique, behavior, personality, attire or vehicle. So don’t hesitate to compliment a guy to get your appreciation across. 

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