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Windows Vista – visa to an all new world!


Windows, so far is the next best thing to GOD! Why not? It has created a different world, made our life bigger and better; while we are yet to witness god’s power, so move a little over as I bow in front of the all mighty Windows.

Seriously, to enhance the endless computing possibilities and the godly image Microsoft Corporation has – the company has launched the critically acclaimed Windows Vista.

I remember the efforts we made in trying various software’s such as Style XP, Talisman Desktop to give our desktop a glossy look. But now with Vista out, jazzy desktops are a piece of cake. But is that what the Vista is all about?  I did a little study and I feel like God’s assistant as I share my findings with you.

Windows Vista needs a capable PC with at least a CPU running at 800MHz, 512 MB of RAM, a DirectX 9 graphics card capable of at least 800x600, a CD-ROM drive and a 20 GB HDD with at least 15 GB free for the install.  

To find out if your Windows XP-based PC can run Windows Vista. Just download, install, and run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Click here.

Windows Vista has of new features, the most significant of which include an updated graphical user interface and visual style dubbed Windows Aero, improved searching features, new multimedia creation tools such as Windows DVD Maker, and completely redesigned networking, audio, print, and display sub-systems.

  • Improvised communication between machines on a home network using peer-to-peer technology, making it easier to share files, password settings, and digital media between computers and devices.
  • There are a number of different versions of Vista, all at varying costs  and having different feature sets - Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business and Enterprise Editions and Vista Ultimate Edition.
  • Microsoft's primary stated goal with Vista, however, has been to improve the state of security in the Windows operating system. One of the most prevalent common criticisms of Windows XP and its predecessors are their commonly exploited security vulnerabilities and overall susceptibility to malware, viruses and buffer overflows.

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