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Avoiding procrastination



One of the worst enemies of man is procrastination. We have all faced it, its what  stands between a person and his success. The habit of postponing things not only keeps us from accomplishing targets and goals, but it also frustrates us like anything. We all know we should avoid procrastinating but its easier said than done, isn't it. We tried searching for some easy ways to help us stay in track and on time and here's what we found.

1. Make a list of the things you need to get done at once. If you don't need to get it done at once, don't put it on your To-Do list. Adding tasks that you don't have to do only makes the list longer and eventually overwhelming. It provides the excuse for doing something other than what you really need to do.

2. Tackle the less daunting tasks at first. With every accomplishment, you will get more encouraged.

3. Trying to do something perfectly will leave you with less energy to accomplish other tasks. If you don’t get it done, you'll feel low. So focus on getting the task done instead of perfection.

4. If you procrastinate because you don't like doing the task, ask yourself if you are the one who really needs to do it. Maybe another family member could handle it. Or, you could hire someone to do it, or trade jobs with another mom.

5. Make a daily routine that includes what you plan to accomplish. Stick to this plan.

6. Just start it! The most difficult part of many chores is getting started. Once you begin, the task is often easier than you expected. And, when you have completed it, the feeling is terrific. Stop procrastinating and take the first step now.

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