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5 Simple rules for better skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ and plays equally important roles. The skin acts as a protective layer that protects our body from the external environment. It prevents germs from intruding our body. It is thus important that you keep your skin in proper condition. However the most motivating reason for keeping a healthy skin is ones appearance. A well conditioned skin greatly enhances the look of an individual. To have beautiful skin requires but a few simple effort on your part. Here are 5 simple rules that you should follow on a daily basis to get a better complexion.

1) Exercise: Of the various benefits of exercising, regular exercise helps maintain the healthy functioning of your body’s organs and thus will help your skin look its best. Exercise improves ones blood circulation meaning that nutrients and oxygen are able to flow more freely to the skin giving you that radiant glow.

2) Eat right:  What you eat usually shows up on your skin. Oily and junk foods are not beneficial to your skin. Eating nutritious food can improve ones health and skin. Our skin needs a lot of omega-3 fatty acids which can be found in fish, nuts, berries and citrus fruits, and red vegetables.

3) Get enough sleep: Sleep deprivation causes stress and fatigue. As a result your skin will develop problems or worsen pre-existing ones. Make sure you don’t miss out on the recommended amount of sleep on a regular basis.

4) Drink water: A dehydrated body results in poor skin. Dehydration causes the skin to dry up and is prone to wrinkles. It is recommended that you drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday and take in foods and fruits that are rich in water content like watermelons and lettuce.

5) Take proper care of your skin: Go to bed with a clean face every night. Clean your face with a good face wash. If you've applied makeup you may want to remove it with a gentle makeup remover. Acne starts to build up on dead skin cells and hence your face must be exfoliated regularly. The harsh rays of the sun can ruin your skin so you should protect yourself with a good sunscreen. Moisturizers are also very essential to keep your skin retain its charm.

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