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Smoking etiquette

Smoking in a room full of people is not the politest thing to do. You may smoke for pleasure or out of habit, but it may not be so for the others who are in the same room as you are. When you are caught with the urge to smoke, there are some things any well mannered smoker should remember.

  • Before you pull out a stick from your cigarette case, ask for permission from others. If someone doesn’t like inhaling second hand smoke, the person will ask you not to smoke inside the room. Don’t take it personally.


  • Second hand smoke can also kill. Be aware of those who are in the room. If the room has children, women, elders and other non smokers, excuse your self from their presence and go outside.
  • Many places are forbidden by law to smoke. There are many places that have “No smoking” signs. If such is the case, be courteous enough to follow.
  • There is a difference between illegal and immoral. Smoking in the presence of others, especially young children is outright immoral. By smoking in front of a young audience, you are setting a bad example.
  • If you are conversing with a non smoker and want to smoke, first ask for his permission. Then politely offer him one even if he doesn’t smoke. However, you should insist that they do not smoke.
  • When using a lighter to light cigarettes, light the other person’s cigarette first. When using a match, light yours first if the matchstick is still releasing phosphorus fumes. You don’t want the other person to inhale such fumes.
  • While outside with a group of people who are sensitive to cigarette smoke, take into consideration the direction of the wind. Stand downwind.
  • Exhale smoke away from the face of other people. It is very rude to blow smoke into the face of others.
Smoking isn’t the most appreciable habit, but if you are courteous enough to respect other peoples feelings, your effort will be appreciated.

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