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When she won the Miss Teen 2006 title, we couldn’t agree more to the decision. There are many who envy that simple, fresh and picture perfect look. Khusboo Oli is just 16 but she’s mature enough to answer any question she’s put up to. A 12th grade student, Miss Oli also teaches management at various schools and colleges. A self claimed fitness freak, the pretty and peppy Miss Oli had to be on our Hot Dish.

1. Are you hot?
Everyone says so. Maybe I am.

2. Who’s your competition?

3. Pants or skirts?

4. Chocolate or wine?

5. You can’t do without?
My cell phone

6. Waxing or shaving?

7. What’s sexier: your legs or your hips?

8. If you could change one thing about your appearance?
Nothing. I like the way I am.

9. Your favorite one liner you hit on men?
Never trust men.

10. Love or flings?

11. What pulls you: his muscles or his wit?

12. Choose: his snoring or his permanent body odor?
It has to be snoring!

13. Body hair on men?
Eeek! No!

14. Your perfect match would be?
Enrique Iglesias; he looks hot in his new video!

15. Discotheques or candle lit dinners?
Candle lit dinners.

16. Your bad habit?
I eat a lot.

17. What do you wear to bed?
Shorts and strings

18. Cosmetic surgery?
  If you need it, why not?

19. What’s hotter: gadgets or trendy outfits?
Definitely – trendy outfits!

20. One word that describes you best?

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