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The best treatment for your headache is to understand your headache!

Headache complaints are nothing new. It’s so common among us Nepalese that it must top our list of the best excuses. It’s easy to blame a headache to squeeze out of work or girl friend nagging because there are hundreds of ways of getting a headache. Be it Kathmandu’s pollution or the cheap drink we submitted to last night.

Some types of headaches come and go; no medication is required for this type. Just control your diet, drink lots of water and you’ll be fine.

The heavy oily stuff that you blindly gobbled up at the wedding reception yesterday could be another one of the reasons for that splitting headache. If that’s the case, give your stomach some time to unload the extra burden. In trying to get instant relief by swallowing pain killers and antibiotics, you’re only good as long as the medicine lasts.

The kind of headache you should take to the doctor is the one that looms over you like a black cloud for a period of days. The doctor will be, it is sincerely hoped, able to identify the root cause of your headache, on the basis of your feedback.

Some home remedies work miracles in doing away with headaches. It is now a known fact that the pressures of the modern competitive, and materialistic civilization, is the cause of many a tension and headaches. Anxiety, stress and headache are comrades in arm!

Grandma's treasury is always full of traditional medicine! If grandma doesn’t live with you, find one in the neighborhood! Before visiting the doctor, taking her advice, it could turn out to be both time and money-saving! Also the valuable advice, if it works to your advantage, will definitely be a heritage property!

Here’s a couple of medical tips my Grandma gave me; promise you won’t tell the whole world. Take a small, clean towel and dip it in white vinegar. Wrap the towel around your head, close your eyes and relax. You should be a changed man after about half an hour.

Make a paste by pounding the dry ginger. Apply the paste on your forehead. The slight burning sensation this medication occurs is likely to send your headache a packing!

Onion is also known to be a miracle-cure for headaches. Let the tears overflow  your eyes ( as it is,  they were about to flow on account of the unbearable headache) and soon you will wonder if you ever had a headache. The cost of the onion will not exceed the professional charges of the medical practitioner, whatever may be the market trend!

And finally, give your headache a chance, it came unannounced and most likely it will depart unannounced. Giving it too much attention will only aggravate your headache, understand its type, do the necessary and move on.


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