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So, does he really love you?

-Shanti Gurung

Okay, so he’s uttered those three golden words, promised to be there for you come what may, and he’s even introduced you to his buddies as his ‘girlfriend’. Having done all this, you’re still not that convinced. Let’s admit it, we women are difficult to please, let alone understand. Now, you love him so much. The other second, you hate him for how insecure he makes you feel while he’s talking to other women, gives you sleepless nights on a feud of zero-trust. You could be wondering why he doesn’t take you to meet his parents, you’d want him to be more attentive, more expressive, emotionally connected at all times, and not just when he’s tipsy.
The point is, while we are easily won over by poetry, candies and flamboyance in the initial stages of love, in the long run, it gets all the more complicated for us to lay full trust on our men. We know there’s free love all around, we’ve heard and seen enough of infidelity, so what are we poor beings to do?

Forget dissecting every aspect of your man’s behavior, it can drive you mad. My friend thinks decoding man-speak is the key to finding out how strong the connection is. Like for example, she opines, if a guy works the word ‘love’ into every conversation with you, it shows he’s smitten. So do you begin scrutinizing his speech to count the number of times he uses the ultimate word? A senior at work holds grudges because her boyfriend cringes P.D.A, while actually the bloke could be suffering from self-esteem issues! Another friend of mine says eye contact shows if a guy is loved up. Now how reasonable are all these theories? Can analyzing his touch, his itinerant eye, his argument style or his height or hairline help us get all the answers?

Ironically, the one with all the answers is you, your intuition. Your sixth sense can be your sounding board, and as long as it says you can trust on him, its worth having patience. So ask yourself today- “do I trust him?” instead of “ does he really love me?”
You could realize he loves you more than you think, or could open your eyes in time, lest he’s hedging. Either way, paying attention to your instincts helps you big time. And it helps innocent petals too!

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