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Choosing a college

 A good college can help a student to develop and realize his potentials. But with so many choices out there, students today face a tough problem when it comes to selecting a good college. Every college today seems to have lucrative offers to offer which only contributes to the problem. These institutions promise everything from scholarships to sports complexes and other extra benefits that are probably only offered in Nepal.

Scholarships for the distinction holders, female students, economically and socially deprived are some of the financial promises these institutions offer. This no doubt attracts many good and deserving students. However we have also read and heard of students who have been duped in this manner. Similarly these institutions have retorted to providing bigger infrastructures and facilities for extracurricular activities, just to attract more students. Education in public colleges has always been affected by politics and education in the private sector is being undermined by the sole purpose of making more business. Young and promising students are often forced to make decisions on the basis of the promises made by these institutions.

Some colleges boast of big and well facilitated buildings, where as some are more established and popular. Are you to go after the infrastructure? Or do you go after the big names? Or do you go to the ones that are nearest to where you live? Choosing a college can be a hard thing to do but as this is a decision that can affect your life, make it carefully.

As a student with aspirations, you should never make your final college selection without visiting at least your top two or three choices. Spending a few hours on campus can help you learn a lot and also help you find whether the college feels “right” for you. Have your family members accompany you on college visits so you can discuss your impressions with them and help you make a decision. Don’t believe what others have to say about a college without any evidence. It is important that you do a little bit of investigation when choosing a college to separate reality from baseless opinions and rumors. Do not rule out colleges early because of cost. Many colleges offer scholarships, financial aid, and tuition installment plans that make them far more affordable than they may first appear. Some colleges have large graduate programs and devote much of their time and resources to research. Others focus their attention on teaching and learning. Some schools have a specialty in one specific area, like engineering or writing, while others are best known for giving their students a broad education. These are some simple yet important ideas that'll help you choose a college.   

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