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Know what to do when a person is very drunk.

It may be your buddy or just a friend or maybe even a stranger. What do you do when you’re next to someone who is so drunk, he could pass out any moment? Or maybe he’s already unconscious?

Once in a while we all tend to drink a bit too much. Without knowing it we may drink more than we mean to or than we should. Getting very drunk is dangerous and those who are in such a state need to be looked after. They maybe very annoying, but as a person, we should help them, as it can mean a matter of life and death. Extreme overdoses of alcohol can lead to alcohol poisoning and death due to respiratory depression. Therefore it's important that everyone knows what to do in such circumstances.

If the person is still conscious;

- Stop them from drinking any more alcohol.
- Make sure they keep warm – alcohol lowers body temperature and there's a risk of hypothermia.
- Don't leave them alone – they could injure themselves or fall unconscious.
- Stay with them until they sober up.

If the person is very drowsy or unconscious;

- Don't leave them on their own.
- If they fall unconscious and can't be roused, call for help.
- Make sure their airway is clear before turning them onto their side into the recovery position. This will stop them choking on their own vomit.
- Make sure they keep warm – especially if they're outside. Cover them with a coat or blanket.
- Stay with them until help arrives.
- Tell the medics if you know what the person had been taking.


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