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The handy lip balm
A lot many people carry lip balms in their pocket as they cant help rubbing some on their lips every once in a while. But carrying a lip balm or having some handy at home can be more useful than just for preventing chapped lips! If you’re one of those who think lip balms can only be used on the lips, well, you’re in for a surprise!!
Lip balm like household oil is a great lubricant and without the mess. If you need to oil up something that’s stuck or rusty, lip balm can do a clean job of it. If you’ve got your zipper stuck, apply some on the zipper and work it in by closing it a few times. Apply it carefully so as to avoid getting any on the cloth as that may stain it. It works just as well on sliding doors and windows and drawers. Rings that are stuck on your fingers will also get off easily with rubbing some lip balm. Rub some on the socket rim of the light bulbs that have rusted in place.
Lip balm can also be used in grooming. When you color your hair draw a line around your face in lip balm and this will prevent the hair color from dripping onto your face. Use lip balm to smooth eyebrows and mustache hairs to keep them looking neat. Applying some on the tip of your cuticles also keeps them soft and healthy.
When caught outside without any shoe polish and time to spare, dab a bit of lip balm onto your leather shoe and rub it in. You can also use lip balm to polish up leather belts and pocket books. Lip balm can also be used to play a scratched CD. Rub a coating of lip balm across the scratch on your CD and then clean it away leaving the lip balm only in the crack. Your CD should play without skipping.
So after this you might want to carry a lip balm.

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