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 5 things to let a guy hear on a date
Dating is like investing in the stock market. It’s more difficult for men but that doesn’t mean women don’t need to play it smart either. Women who want to raise their stocks just need to use the right words at the right time. Here are a few occasions on which you need to pay close attention.
How he looks like: It might not affect a guy as much as it affects a woman when you comment him how he looks but it’s a great way to get his attention. Don’t over do it, a small casual remark does the work best. Comment on how his hair looks, or the color of his shirt.  
When he’s talking: Pay close attention to him when he’s talking. Show your interest in his stories as a guy likes to feel interesting. Don’t just be polite though, soon he’ll notice that fake smile and the yawn that tries to escape through your closed lips. If need be ask him some questions that you’ll be glad to hear answered. Use words, phrases and expressions that really show interest. For example,” Really! What happened next?”, “Tell me more…” will get you better prices than a plain “uh-huh”.
When he’s being hilarious: Guys love to make women laugh. When he says something funny through his jokes or sarcasm, don’t hold back your laughter. Don’t laugh if you don’t find it funny though or you’ll be forcing your self to laugh through out the date.
Ask for his opinions: Guys love to play the rescuer, so when you ask him for his help, he’ll be flattered. When it comes to opinions, a guy can offer you more than you need. So go ahead and ask him for his opinions, on say buying a digital camera or a car you’ll probably never be buying soon.
When he does something gentlemanly: When he pays for the bill or walks you to your door, show your gratitude and mannerism with a simple “Thank you”. If he’s being a gentleman it’s because he sees you as a lady. Saying those two words will prove he was right!

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