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Types of attraction

Opposites may attract, but mutual interest may prove important in the long run. It’s necessary that we base our relationships on strong foundations. Then what is attraction and what has it got to do with the founding of a relationship? An attraction simply stated is something that brings two bodies closer. As human beings we have the most types of attraction. Here are the four major types of attraction.

Intellectual attraction: Doesn't refer to knowledge or wisdom but rather to conceptual stimulation. Your ideal partner could be a person that can spend two hours discussing a political issue, a TV serial or anything else. Whatever it is, the attraction is originated in intellectual sensation.

Physical attraction: Physical attraction is probably the most direct one of all; nonetheless, it could be absolutely surprising. Physical attraction is influenced by acquired taste and hence our preferences change with time. Someone who we don’t find so attractive today may be seen differently within a year and vice-versa.

Mental attraction: This attraction starts with affection. You immediately get a nice feeling of being connected to the person you just met. This could lead you into a romantic love relation or remain as friends.

Spiritual attraction: This has got to do with how you view life. What is your outlook of life? Being spiritually attracted to a person has nothing to do with your religious beliefs and everything to do with your awareness to your body, your mind and the world in general.

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