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Decoding personality through color

It is said that you can tell a lot about a person by their preferences in color. The color you prefer on a given day may also reflect your mood on that particular day. However preferences can change over time and thus can mean that you’re changing too. As your preferences changes, observe the changes in your personality. Find out if your personal traits match.
Red: The color red is a power color. It is generally worn by those who are seeking control, of themselves and their environment. In business the red personality is a leader and fast mover. Quickly making connections and building a cardry of followers. Their energy infuses others with drive and accomplishment. Red personalities want others to notice them and pay attention to them. Because of their inner fire they frequently get the attention they desire so much. Energetic people, reds want things done ASAP. They are frequently dashing off in many directions always in a hurry to move on to something new. For these reasons, reds do not make great leaders.
Green: These are nature and peace lovers. They don’t interfere in someone else’s business, but if things go wrong they are there to support and nurture without being judgmental as they like to keep their thoughts secret. They are seen as good listeners because of this quality. Because of their healing personality they make great counselors and confidants.
Blue: Blue people are generally emotional people, and don’t hesitate to wear those emotions openly. Those preferring lighter shades of blue find the need to have an orderly life. They get this by tiding up and arranging their environment. Those who prefer darker colors, tend to be more moody and reserved. Having a co-dependent personality, they want their partner to feel how they do and provide a mutual feedback for them.
White: Pure in thought and pure in action is traits for the white personality, but, don't let that fool you because there are varying degrees of white. This personality sees themselves as virtuous because of their affinity to this color. Because of the neutrality of this color these types can blend in with the crowd. Neutrality however should not be confused with shyness. Once they become a focus they are quite open with their thoughts on matters, usually taking part of both sides where it suits them. Critical in nature towards others, they seldom project this attitude in such a way that a person would recognize it as such.
Black: Black personalities want every thing done in black and white so that every detail stands out clearly. They are very focused in their actions, almost to the point of obsession. People who are good at following written instructions probably like this color. Tenacious in their actions, they are sometimes thought of as having "bulldog" like personalities. This color is one of emotional hiding. They use the color as a kind of shield knowing that others tend to shy away from the stark color, which gives them a kind of buffer to personal contact.
Purple: Purple personalities are always looking to better themselves to fit their idea of what they should be. They look for balance in their emotions, knowledge, and on the spiritual plane. Studying religion is a natural with them. They are strong believers in the saying that knowledge is power, and they want that power to better their lives. Purple personalities are generally critical of themselves can also exhibit this criticism towards others as they feel everyone should be as self developing as they are.
Yellow: Yellow personalities are success oriented and possess leadership qualities, are of analytical minds but can be pretty stubborn too. Emotionally reserved, yellow personalities seldom have many true friends.
Orange: Orange personalities love the outdoor life. Their free outgoing nature gets them many close friends and great lovers. Though nice temperament, they can be really troublesome when pushed. These people are inquisitive and love to learn through experience.
Pink: The pink personality tries to see the best side of any situation and the good in a person. Although hard working and intelligent people who wish they were more a part of the mainstream, they are shy and hesitant which usually places them in the background. 

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