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6 Golden Rules of Online Chatting

Here are some basic chat room manners that will help your chat room experience be more pleasant for you and the others as well.
Rule #1- Stay away from verbal abusing, embarrassment or harassment no matter what they tell you. Even if you find some troublemaker’s just ignore them.
Rule #2- Halt your self from using obscene, offensive or sexually explicit languages. You don't need to use this kind of language in order to speak to someone or to get your point across to others. 
Rule #3- Turn off the caps lock! Typing your messages in all capital letters is considered to be screaming or yelling at the other person. If you want to *emphasize* a word or phrase, simply type an asterisk in before and then directly after your word or phrase.
Rule #4- A common thing that most young chatters do is the Sex Check. This is something you should not really do. The sex check is when someone in the room sends a message to everyone asking whether they are M (males), or F (female). This is not generally considered to be in good taste unless you are in a chat room that is specifically for people who are looking for a love interest.
Rule #5- Always greet everyone when you enter a chat room, whether you know them or not. Be sure to wait until there is a lull in the conversation already in progress, though. Don't interrupt. And, when someone else enters the room, you should make it a point to at least recognize their presence and greet them with a friendly "Hi (their screen name)!"
Rule #6- Don't speak unless you know what the conversation is about first. And, in speaking while in a chat room, don't type in long, detailed messages that will take a lot of time and space. Also, never interrupt someone else. Be patient; you will get your chance to speak.

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