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Does your dog’s digging drive you crazy?

Dogs that dig can really frustrate their owners. Beautiful lawns are destroyed, flower beds uprooted and vegetable garden ruined overnight. Many a time such owners have scolded and many a time held back hoping the dog will outgrow the habit, only to wake up one morning to see the same results.

Dogs may dig for many reasons. An owner of a dog that digs must first of all find out why his dog is digging in the first place. Some dogs are diggers by breeds. These dogs have been specially bred to dig. These dogs were bred for centuries to dig up rodents, so the digging instinct in them remains. Terriers, for example are of a digging breed.

However, dogs may also dig for other reasons as well. Some just dig for the joy of it and to break this habit will need some other means of entertainment. In such cases, the dogs digging can be greatly reduced if provided with toys and some fun time with its owners. If you dog can mix well with another dog, you may want to consider getting another pet.

Some may even dig to find shelter from heat and cold. By digging a small hole, they are building themselves a sort of den or nest. A well built dog house that has a stable temperature and provides relief from cold and heat will stop your dog from finding that comfort elsewhere. Also place the doghouse in a place where your dog prefers to stay.

Often dogs may dig to escape confinement like those of digging under the gate or fence. This must be stopped as the dog may get into trouble outside. Blocking such escape routes with concrete will prevent your dog from digging his way out.

Scolding, beating or punishing the dog will not help you with your problems. These methods may only ruin the relationship between you and your pet. The best solution to this problem is to prevent it in the first place. When ever you catch your dog digging make a loud noise to distract it. Aluminum cans partially filled with pebbles or pennies can be hurled next to the dog while it is doing its mischief. However it is to be noted that the can is to land next to the dog, not on it!


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