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Meeting her parents!

If there is something scarier than proposing to a girl, that’d be meeting her parents! If you’ve made it past the entire initial stages of wooing and dating, prepare yourself for the ultimate test when your girlfriend might find it comfortable to introduce you to her parents. Alarming as it may sound, you have no other option but to comply. When she nags you to meet her parents, keep in mind the following tips.

Before your girl drags you into this fearful event, have yourself updated on certain things like their likes and dislikes, profession and achievements. If you prepare yourself before hand, you’ll know what topics to converse on and what to avoid. The last thing you’d want to do is offend her parents on the first meeting.

A first meeting with her parents is a tall order and you might find it hard to decide on what to wear. It’s best to wear something that’ll make you feel comfortable, as you’ll need that! Wear something that’s shows some respect. Don’t show up at her doorstep in T shirts and faded jeans and don’t over do it or over accessories either.

The biggest mistake guys make under pressure is they try too hard to impress. Don’t go overboard trying to impress her parents; you’ll only look like a jackass. Remember her parents have also never met you before and hence may not understand your sense of humor or tastes. The first meeting is not a time to demonstrate all your qualities; those are to be revealed slowly over time. Let the conversation flow naturally and keep your behavior in check.

It can be hard to know your progress with her parents. If you are seated at a table, your girl may kick you if you’re going off track. However if that is not possible, watch her behavior and expression to get a hint. Once again, it’ll help you to follow her lead. ;-)

Despite your best and sincere efforts, if your first meeting with her parents doesn’t go well, don’t fret. Like all relationships, this will also need some working on. Plan a new visit with her parents after some time. It is always better to prepare hard rather than on working hard during the meeting itself!


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