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Aircraft Etiquette

 “You've packed your bags and you're ready to go, there’s a taxi waiting outside your door” John Denver's song has nothing much to do with the following article except for the fact that it's about being in an airplane. I like the song a lot so I couldn't resist adding it in.

Airplane etiquette is something that you're expected of but we usually tend to pretend it doesn't exist. If you are flying anywhere you are requested to maintain the decency inside an aircraft. Be it a 30  minute trip to Bhairahawa or 12 hours flight to Birmingham, you are traveling in a man made marvel which represents luxury and you are supposed to maintain the basics of aircraft etiquette.

 (First timers pay real attention)

  1. Remember that the plane is a public place
  2. Don't bring hand carry’s the size of a refrigerator on-board. Especially not in our domestic aircrafts which are extremely small.
  3. Help others put away and get back with their hand carries.
  4. Remember there is someone behind you when you tilt back your seat. You might knock off others knees. Ask me.
  5. Try not to grab the back of the seat in front of you as you get up and down, but if raised eyebrows and clinched lips amuse you then go ahead.  
  6. If you are traveling alone and you see a split couple, give them your seat. It’s a nice gesture, imagine how you would feel.
  7. Domestic flights are short and the flight attendants will be busy serving you with chocolates, coffee, cookies and goodies. Guys, we all know she is pretty- don’t call her unless it’s a genuine problem and don't keep staring at her – it's called sexual harassment.
  8. Don't ask the flight attendant to recite what drinks they have -- use your eyes and just ask for it if you don't see it.
  9. You may have had a rough day, but others might be having their worst day ever. Don’t show your aggression and frustration to your fellow passengers. If something is bothering you, ask the flight attendant to take care of it.
  10. Keep control of your children - not everybody finds screamers and seat-kickers 'cute'.
  11. Don’t experiment with buttons and switches; remember what happened to the emergency door of the NAC Boeing 747. Don’t make this your last trip on a plane, IAC laws are very strong.
  12. Observe the pilot's instructions about seat-belts, and don't jump up immediately. Even Superman has to wait till the doors open.
  13. Take home only what you're allowed to, save the embarrassment of being seen with an airplane pillow.

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