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Trick your metabolism to lose weight

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of losing weight? For many, the answer to the question may be dieting. Those who have dieted have no doubt found it painful and a temporary solution. This is because they have misunderstood how metabolism works. Understanding metabolism can help you with reducing your weight.

Metabolism in common terms is the breakdown of food and its transformation into energy. When our blood sugar, the source of energy for our body runs low, our metabolism uses the fat in our bodies to produce energy. When the blood sugar gets back to normal, the extra food we consume is stored as fats.

To stop eating can actually have a negative effect on your metabolism. Eating less will cause your body to sense that you don't have enough food and so your metabolism will slow down. So when you finally eat, your blood sugar will return shoot up and your metabolism will store the extra glucose as fat. This is why dieters find themselves stuck in the same old rut.

Instead of starving yourself, eat many smaller, healthy meals that are low in calories and fat. Also, consume plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables. By eating smaller portions you'll not only curb your appetite, but you'll also trick your body into thinking that it's getting plenty of food. Therefore, your metabolism will kick into a higher gear. Then when it doesn't get the glucose it needs for energy then it will begin to take that glucose from the stores of fat that are already in your body.

Taking up some form of exercise will guarantee an increase your metabolism. Even walking as little as twenty minutes a day, will help increase your metabolism. By exercising you increase your lean muscle mass which burns calories on its own. Exercising also demands that your body produce enough energy to support your activities; thus burning calories and fats in the process.

Trick your body and increase your metabolism, and over time, your fat will decrease and your weight will gradually drop.

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