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Get your voice mail heard

Leaving your message ‘after the beep’ has become a common trend for many these days, yet a lot of us still haven’t got the method of communicating on it right. We are either using dull robotic statements or rambling words – without realizing how we ourselves have all wanted to hit delete when we’ve received one of those. Learn to get your message across, note these 4 great tips on mastering the art of voice mail. 
Prepare a statement:
Compose one sentence that states what you’re trying to accomplish. Make it interesting and precise so that your message stands out from all the others that are in line.
Say her name:
Always start with hello and the person’s name; it will give your message a more personal feel.
Repeat key information:
Give your name and number at the start and the end. You can’t repeat your whole message again, but if the receiver gets even half of the message, he will have noted your name and number to call you back for the complete information. 
Tell him you’ll follow up:

People often don’t have the time to return calls, so let them know you will call back if you don’t hear from them by a certain time.
Make the most of your voice mail by following the points above. It’s a fast paced world and you know you can’t afford to get nervous just because of the ‘beep’.

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