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Seat smart
Saying the right thing is no longer enough, in order to be heard and noticed, you have got to be in the right place at the right time. If you have been having difficulties getting on your Bosses’ good list inspite of all the great deals you have been bringing in, it is time you think twice about where you sit at the next executive meeting.
Yes, like sales pitches and advertisements, you need to put yourself in the prime position to get the people who really matter to look up and notice you. We gathered up some smart tips for smart seating, depending on what role you want to play - note them down to climb up the corporate ladder.
To be a power player: Choose the seat directly across your Boss. Being in his direct line of sight will keep you at the front of his mind – this way he will make more eye contact and listen to you longer.
To appear valuable: Place yourself on the seat to your Boss’s right to give off the image of a valued aide – your chief’s right hand woman.
To make your ideas sink in: Take the seat on the side of your Boss’s dominant hand – it’s the side he naturally processes his information from.
To be important in a meeting with clients: Make your Boss remember you by helping him feel easy by sitting in between two clients. It will make the outsiders feel integrated and will show your Boss that you are an independent employee not afraid to admit you are not in your Boss’s shadow.
And there could be times when the last thing you want is your chief in command to notice you – then you have to lie low. Choose a seat three chairs away from him and you’ll be safe!

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