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Scarlet lips

As much as we love the look, not many of us dare to go out on the streets with red on the lips. We stare longingly at the way that red lipstick enhances a celebrity’s lips and overall beauty but shy away when it comes to applying it on ourselves. Beauticians consider owning a red lipstick a must and that nothing gives a lady more confidence than full led lips yet when we wear it, it makes us look like a slut. This is purely because we don’t know how it is done.

• The trick to wearing your red beautifully is to keep the rest of your makeup light. Skip the eyeliner and use only mascara and then dust your face with powder / blush / bronze - depending on the occasion.

• Light to medium skins look best in cooler reds and medium to dark skin tones look better in warmer reds.

• You must have noticed how bad women look while talking as the inner part of their lips is a completely off pink shade – that’s the part where there is no lipstick (it looks very cheap). To avoid yourself from becoming such a scene, line the inside of your lips with a red lip liner and then only apply lipstick.

• Also to keep in mind is that Gloss is a safer version of wearing red lips as it gives off a softer, more sheer look.

• Blending is the hottest new trick for bringing out a Red that will suit you best. So, if you've bought a red lipstick shade that's too bright or dark, don't throw it away. Instead, experiment with other lipstick shades you have on hand to create the perfect shade of red.

So go on and don the bright beautiful red, but remember scarlet shouts ’look at me’ so whenever you decide to wear it make sure you’re dressed and groomed your ultimate best. Classic red has never been out of fashion and it looks like it never will, so learn the tricks of the trade and join the world of confident full red lipped women! The fun has just begun!

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