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Make use of your free time at work

Getting spare time at the office is very, very rare but there could be a blue moon once in a while so if you value your office time and its resources - here are 10 simple ways in making the best out of them and yourself.

  1. Take your most valued clients out to lunch; it's the best way to invest.
  2. Get to know colleagues you've never talked to before, they can be useful contact.
  3. Reorganize your filing system for a super efficient you.
  4. Read office magazines and newsletters; stay clued to your management.
  5. Draw up a list of work related goals and pin them to your desk.
  6. Plan.
  7. Study your competitors and their work.
  8. Check up on your clients by giving them calls and emails.
  9. Clean up your office; dust up file cabinets, get rid of dead leaves, broken folders and cups and throw away empty pens. 
  10. Think, now is the perfect time to come up with a brilliant business strategy.

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