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Does he want out?

Sign 1. Does he act distant? Is he spending more and more time with the guys, does he zone out when you’re with him? If he is, then he could be trying to detach hoping that you’ll look for more contact elsewhere.

Sign 2. Does he keep talking about other women, like his ex or someone else’s girlfriend and how they get along so well etcetera? He could be going out of his way to upset you and bring upon an argument.

Sign 3. Does he humiliate you by spilling out your relationship problems infront of everyone?

Sign 4. Has he stopped displaying his acts of affection? Is there less love talk and physical closeness? Does he retract his hands when you reach out to hold him?

If it’s a yes to all or some of the signs above, then it’s time to talk. Try to understand what’s bothering your guy and see if he’s willing to give you guys another shot. If he says no then there’s no point holding on.

There could be a million reasons why your man wants out from the relationship, or there could be one. Whatever be the reason if your man is not the kind who can tell it to you in the face it’s up to you to read the signs. If you come from that land of confusion, check out if he’s been projecting the following behavior.

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