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Gifting a Lingerie

Gifting your woman lingerie is a romantic gift. It’s a gift given with a gesture of desire, a hint of appreciation, and a meaning of love. Lingerie no longer has the same purpose of the yesteryears. No more corsets and gussets to compress and hide a woman's assets. Men, if you plan to buy this special gift to that special someone, you’ll need some help to exhibit your passion.

First of all, remember you're buying a gift for the both of you so you should consider that you have a close relationship with the woman for whom you want to buy. You mustn’t buy one if you don't share that closeness.

Next, consider her bedroom personality. Then choose lingerie that matches it. Is she submissive, dominant or somewhere in between? Does she flaunts her sexuality like a vamp or is she cleverer, seducing you into her web? While purchasing it, also keep in mind her preferences, personality, body shape and physical features.

If you plan to surprise her, you’re surely going to worry about the size. How do you know the right size? If you know her dress size, that's generally a good rule of thumb to follow. Another problem comes with the fit. All women have varying body styles. A small breasted woman may be sensitive to it, so padding in the bodice may be something to consider.  Fuller sized women might welcome more supportive styles, with no padding. When considering her hips….be careful here, a tight fitting corset or waist cincher style may look good, but can actually accentuate the hips making them appear out of proportion, so use your best judgment here.

Lingerie may allow a woman’s feminine side to glow, her sexy and seductive side to romp, or her innocent and gentle side to shine. So, as it is special and the “desired gift”, keeping this in view, select the best lingerie that allows her feminine side to come to the forefront and take charge of how she feels about herself. Woman love being loved and feel special, it's always a good idea to add a bottle of her favorite perfume along with the special gift!

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