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Household remedies for upset stomachs

It was a great party last night and unintentionally you happened to eat a bit more than you should have. Squeezing your stomach for some relief, you regret not having with held your gluttony. Here are some remedies for such times. Safer than those mysterious and suspicious chemical concoctions, these home remedies are just what you need for your ailing stomach.

In case of indigestion, an age old remedy is to take crushed raw turmeric juice mixed with a glass of cold milk.

Did you know most of the over-the-counter stomach remedies are mostly sugar? You could try a spoonful of the syrup from a can of fruit or a sugar based drink to ease the pain.

Chew mint gum. Mint is another stomach settler, and the act of chewing can encourage your stomach to produce extra digestive juices. Sucking on a peppermint stick or candy will also assist. Sniffing some of your favorite foods and spices may help your stomach produce digestive juices.

If you suffer from gas, try this age old remedy. Mix cold water, mustard oil and little Limestone and rub about 2 table spoons of it on your stomach. This remedy is believed to strengthen ones stomach.

You can relieve gas with a simple yoga exercise. Lay on your back with your legs out straight. Draw one leg up to your chest and hold for thirty seconds. Straighten it again and do the same with the other leg. Finally, bring both up for thirty seconds. The movement will get the gas pockets moving.
Bananas and lentils (dal) are considered to be beneficial to those who suffer from diarrohea.

Tea made from pomegranate peel or oak bark can help ease an upset stomach. Steep the dried peel or dried bark in boiling water for several minutes; sip a few teaspoons of tea every few hours.

If you happen to eat something that doesn’t agree with your stomach, try burned toast and black tea. The charcoal of the burned toast and the tannic acid in the black tea will help neutralize any toxins in your system.

Hope you find these information helpful (or should we say relieving?).

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