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8 signs that tell you its time to say good-bye.

A relationship is a ship, when it’s sinking, you must get off – or it’ll drown you too. How do you know your ship is sinking in the first place? Here are 8 telltale signs that’ll tell you it’s all going down. If you experience one or more of the following 8 consistently, it’s time to review your relationship.

1. You no longer look forward to spending time alone with your partner, and you find it a burden talking him/her. You always manage to find someone to accompany you when you’re with your partner.

2. You find your self comparing your partner to others, specially his/her ingrown traits, traits that he/she can’t change.

3. You’ve started to notice so many things about your partner that irritates you. You can’t help but criticize your partner for details or behaviors that had strangely never bothered you before.

4. You start trying to mould your partner into someone else, maybe someone that’s recently caught your eye.

5. Sending cards or calling your ex’es on their birthday no longer is enough. You prefer to meet up and congratulate them.

6. His/her jokes are no longer funny and you pay as much attention to his/her conversation as you pay in your nepali class.

7. Things between the two of you has become a one way street. If you’re doing all the getting – or all the giving, there’s nothing mutual left between the two of you.  

8. You no longer feel as good as you used to. Every dark cloud carries rain instead of a silver lining.






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