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It’s all about the jeans!

Comfortable, durable and compatible with almost any wear; denims are the most popular piece of clothing. They’re here to stay forever so get wise to the ways of choosing a pair of suitable denims.

• A well fitting jean looks better and lasts longer so take your time while shopping for one. Visit shops that hold variety of options.
• With different brands out there, don’t bet your money on size. Sizes may differ with brands. The only way to be sure is to try them on.

• While trying on denims; try squatting and sitting down. Is your rear showing? Does it feel comfortable enough?

• Wash your jeans in cold water inside out to prevent it from fading out too soon. This is advisable especially for darker colored jeans.

Women can make more out of their denims if they shop wisely. Here’s how,
• Great jeans that are perfect fits are hard to find, so buy two when you do get your hands on one. Hem one so that it goes well with heels and the other so that they look good with flats.

• Darker colored jeans are desirable as they slim down your legs. Whiskered and abraded jeans and similarly treated jeans must be selected so that it highlights the plus points of your body.

• Keep a jean with extra stretch for one of those “fat” days.

• If you can’t find one in your size, buy a slightly bigger size and take it for alterations. If you buy it to small, there won’t be much fabric for your tailor to work with.

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