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Not “waisted” yet!


A large waist line in men has always been seen as a sign of prosperity. The better off a guy is the larger should be his waist line. Men with protruding bellies are looked upon with a hint of envy and those without a trace of waist line with sympathy. Health wise, specialists suggest the opposite. Those with large bellies are, in their opinion, subject to heart diseases.


When it comes to heart diseases, it’s incorrect to assume those who are overweight carry the highest risk. Fact is those most likely to suffer are those who have large waist lines in a comparatively slimmer body and thus not necessarily overweight. Men with most of their body fat accumulated at the stomach are those who are standing in the danger zone.


Abdominal fats reduce the body’s ability to utilize insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar. This is known as insulin resistance or more properly, Syndrome X. Syndrome X leads to Type II diabetes. Diabetes raises the blood pressure level and increases the chances of heart diseases and stroke.


A waistline of 37- 39 inches invites a risk 1.5 times greater. If your waist line measures a whooping 40 centimeters or over, the risk stretches to 4 times. So, guys, the bottom line is - watch your waist line before you get wasted!

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