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From riches to rags


Gitanjali Nagpal, an Indian super model who once walked the ramps with the likes of Sushmita Sen, today walks the streets of Delhi, homeless and mentally unstable. Gitanjali Nagpal, according to Indian newspapers, begs for scraps of foods and walks around dressed in rags. Sources say that she lost assignments and got into drugs to cope with the stress. Our very own Kohinoor Singh, in search of mental peace and relief walked away while still in the peak of her modeling career.


Modeling is one of the most sought after careers by the young and ambitious. Holding promises of a high profile life style, it’s hard not to get attracted to it. With all the glamour, fame and money involved, it’s often viewed as a short cut to stardom. But that’s only half the truth. The glamorous world of modeling, despite all it’s glitter isn’t all gold.


Just as glitzy it is on the one side; modeling has a darker and uglier side too. A profession that totally depends on how you look, modeling is very demanding and can be very stressful. The long working hours and the pressure to maintain the so called perfect image can really take up a toll. Is mental strain the reason as to why these glamour girls made their decisions?


Every job has its own shares of stress and drawbacks. No job is free of it and modeling in this respect is no different. It is a profession that requires that you have both the beauty and the strength. Otherwise, as we’ve seen, it’s just another story from riches to rags, or more precisely in this case, from ramp to tramp.


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