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Raising emotionally intelligent kids


Children with a high level of emotional intelligence (EI) are more equipped to live a happy, successful, and responsible life as an adult. Emotional Intelligence describes an ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups. Just as high IQ levels are desirable, high levels of EI are also advantageous. As a parent or guardian here are 7 ways you can help your kids develop their EI.


Model it yourself:  Kids learn a lot by watching and mimicking others and specially those whom they look up to. They’ll closely take notice of how you respond to frustration, how you manage your own feelings and if you are aware of the feelings of others. Make sure you’re not setting the wrong example.


Be nonjudgmental: Teach them how to label feelings instead of naming them. Its necessary that a kid not have to conceal what he is feeling. When someone is angry, they should know that and not call him names like “what a jerk”. Every feeling has a name and reason.


Be a part of the problem: when your kid faces a problem or makes a mistake, it is important that you help or response in a calm and reasonable manner. You should have something to do with every problem that comes along. Responding in a way that exacerbates the problem will only worsen things.


Help your kids be more responsible: It is advisable that you start coaching kids to be more responsible at a young age. Help him take care of himself and do his own chores. This will develop his confidence and responsibility.


Involve your kids in your household duties: Research suggests that kids who are involved in household chores from an early age tend to be happier and more successful. This will help them feel they as a valuable member of the family.


Believe in your kids: Your actions must be backed with the belief in your kids. You must see your kids as wonderful and capable and they’ll probably turn out just fine. If you see you kids as problems, they’ll grow to be one.


State your emotional goals as a family: Set goals and rules and work together to achieve them. These might be no yelling, no name-calling, be respectful at all times, etc. Families that talk about their goals are more likely to be aware of them and to achieve them. As the parent, you should lead the way.



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