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 In less than eight years Gagan Pradhan changed the face of eating out in Kathmandu. He nurtured the coffee culture and gave Kathmanduites the taste of real coffee. He gave the International coffee market a run for their money by introducing Nepali coffee into the competition. Back home he let us cherish coffee with the concept of the informal coffee lounge. Aside for his fetish for coffee, we like him for his dynamism, aggressiveness, innovation and of course for the comfortable couches in JAVA.


Gagan was born in Bhaktapur and raised in Baneshwor. His family was involved in the Travel Business. His education began from Siddhartha Banasthali School and went on to Shankar Dev Campus until he realized that he was lost. As a child Gagan was fascinated by the charm of the Hospitality business. His visits to five star hotels used to leave him spellbound. Following his gut feeling, Gagan chose to head for Australia where he persued his studies at the William Blue School of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Management, Sydney Australia.  http://www.billyblue.com.au

 Seven years later, Gagan returned with some money, a lot of experience, plenty of enthusiasm and the desire to make a difference.

He joined a five star hotel as a front office manager, worked for a week then left the job and started to search for an opportunity in the hospitality business. He was lead by the smell of coffee.


Coffee was what pulled Gagan to the United States; he took up a six week professional coffee training at Specialty Coffee Association of America. He brought back the best coffee machines and using minimal resources he started JAVA.

Java introduced beans coffee to Kathmandu which till now thought instant coffee was the one and only. Hence the people’s response towards the new taste was disappointing. Gagan stood determined that soon people would realize that this was bitter but better coffee.

 People who lived the coffee culture abroad came back from their long visits or studies to find relief at Java. They brought along friends to Java where the living room ambiance and good coffee made people return for more. Gagan states there’s nothing as strong as the word of mouth publicity.


 Gagan believes that every investment takes three years to establish. It’s only after that that you should expect your returns. Java had it’s fair share of struggles. The World Cup Football 2002 was the turning point for Gagan and Java. The large screen television Set at the Café let people experience football with coffee, like never before. The Java experience was such that even when the world cup was over, the number of people coming in was not. Gagan and Java was the now the New Coffee Culture.


 J Bar is one of the most sophisticated and exclusive bars in Nepal. Gagan came up with the concept when his customer wanted more than coffee. They wanted an exclusive bar with similar service to that of JAVA to give people a place to socialize with some exclusive drinks.  Gagan invested 20 times the amount he spent on JAVA to establish J Bar.


“I set up targets and wait for my eggs to hatch. You have to give enough time to your business to grow up and give fruits. The most important part is you have to believe in what you are doing. You got to believe in your country and stick to your dreams. There might be millions of problems but every problem has a solution and it keeps me going.”


 Courtyard: Court yard is bliss in the chaotic Putalisadak- Kamaladi stretch.  Gagan used the specialty of Siddhartha Gopalan to design it. It has a nice cozy ambiance and like all of Gagan’s creations, it makes you feel home.

Sports Bar: It is a bar with character. Designed by Gagan himself, Sports Bar has a British Pub feel. During good games the Bar sells tickets. Combine the most unique bar in town, in terms of its interiors with Gagan’s good vibes, the bar is doing good business. 

 Jeans Cafe: Gagan started Jeans as a modern café. He has given preference to its interiors focusing on trendy wall colors and brilliant use of space. Gagan feels people give first priority to a restaurants atmosphere. His view: though people prefer good food, as the times change there will be more demands for better places even if the food is just average.


My favourite is a house blend, I take 4-5 cups. It has a bitter and butter taste.

 I keep on traveling to recharge my boring schedule.  It brings new things. 

Nepal bandh has become a part of our life we need to cope with it positively, its just the matter of time. Everything has a solution.

 Every thing in the country is changing, at this stage people should bear the smaller problems am not leaving Nepal and going anywhere”

 There is a lot of room for improvements I am willing to do a lot of things.

 The timeframe for ROI on investment is at least three years

The entertainment industry is the fastest growing industry, movies, media, Fashion, restaurants, fun, theaters, park there is a lot you can do.

If you save now when do you invest?

It is a customer driven business, you satisfy them they keep coming back to you.

People are more conscious about what they eat. They ask us if we use gloves to prepare their sandwiches. Eating out culture has changed and it’s a good challenge as it keeps us on our toes.


Peace is prevailing I have a lot of agenda’s like my “2007 agenda to promote Nepalese coffee”. A shop for coffee equipments, May 2nd 3rd week Los Angeles first Nepali coffee booth in the U.S. I could open up at least 20 new Javas in different parts of the town.

I will get into the travel and tourism business to promote my fathers business.


 Subas Gauchan  Director “Pack Asia”

I think Gagan has a very good business sense which I think partly comes from his travel/work experience in Australia. He did attend one of the good schools in Sydney and I know they have a very good program but that can only get you so much. I don't suppose you can become truly successful until you really have a passion/hunger about some thing and for him it’s running a restaurant or a cafe the way it should be run. If you look at all his operations from Java to J Bar, it has a sense of class and he really understands his clients well.

 I have had opportunities to work with him and he is very cautious about his approach. He is ambitious, confident and always likes to be prepared. I like the way he treats his peers and staff both alike which is good to see and that's what makes him so great. When I worked with him on this very recent Australian Day Out Project, it was hard keeping up with him! But then he surely brings out the best in you. The project went well and I look forward to working with him again.

Mahesh Shrestha

Gagan is a very focus and passionate businessman apart from that he is also a fantastic human being when it comes to friends and family.   I have known Gagan since we were kids. We grew up in the same neighborhood but didn't really hang out together then because he was three years senior to me. When I came to Australia in May 1996 after School Certificate, while looking for a flat mate I stumble against Him and we lived together for almost two years, even then Gagan knew exactly where he wanted to go in life and achieve.

Most young Nepalese like my self have managed to do pretty well abroad where we are using our knowledge and skills for foreign economy. But even then Gagan was pretty adamant and wanted to go back home and implement his skills and knowledge back to Nepal. It has been a while since we caught up but every time I go back home I always manage to catch up with him and have a coffee in his café.



He has interest in architecture and has designed one of his most renowned venture The Sports Bar.

He is undertaking a professional project and designing a restaurant in Thamel “Architects out there, watch your back, the man is in town”

Kshitij Regmi

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