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Introducing kids to the responsibility of pet care


Recently behavior analysts have recognized the importance of animals in the well being of human physical, mental, emotional and social health. Additionally, pets can also be tools for teaching children important values. Kids who take care of the household pets will learn to be responsible, gentle and the importance of discipline.


Before you introduce your kids to the responsibility of pet ownership, you should take in consideration their age. Depending upon the age factor you can assign tasks and delegate responsibilities.


Toddlers can help parents with pet care simply by being involved. They should be allowed to help a parent feeding, grooming and accompany parents to take the pet for a walk and rewarding the pet for obeying commands.


Little kids of the age group 5-8 should be able to feed, water and groom by themselves, but may still need to be reminded gently. Kids aged 9-12 may even take on some other responsibilities but only under the supervision of elders like when walking the dog.


Depending on your teen's maturity, you can sometimes allow him/her to take full responsibility for the pet, including feeding, cleaning up after, driving to the vet and exercising the pet.


Besides helping your kids to become responsible people, pets can also make wonderful friends. So get your kids involved from today.

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