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Turning your job from dull to interesting


There are times when you just get so bored of your work that you wished you were off on a holiday or something, as long as it took you and your mind off your work. A vacation might be just the thing that you need. However, if you feel exhausted very often and even more so if you’ve just returned from a leave and yet find it hard to love your job, you must learn to make your job more interesting- and that does not mean you turn on your messenger or surf the net aimlessly.


To make your job more interesting you should learn to explore new possibilities within your job and discover your own abilities. Here are 6 points that should help you arouse your dull job and get your career rolling again.


Reposition yourself at work. See what contributions you have made to the organization and how you’ve developed as a person and an employee. Realize the options available by realizing your worth.


Reconnect with your original goals or any earlier passions to revive the drive to achieve something.


Learn something new that your office perceives as areas for future growth and what skills are likely to be in demand.


Ask for feedback so that not only will it help you reflect on your performance but also motivate you to do better. Good feedbacks will also give you a sense of being appreciated.


Increase your sense of importance by expanding your circle of influence and calling some attention to yourself. Stay in touch with influential people and sources of information. Establish yourself as an expert on your field and participate in the sharing of opinions.


Finally, make a list of all the things you really love about your job and keep it on your desktop or top drawer so you can see it everyday.





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