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Flirting in the office


 Flirting is our natural way of expressing interest in people. A smile bestowed here, a shared giggle or a word exchanged in the supermarket line can be a powerful thing. Flirting can be a prelude to friendship or a prelude to mating.


The office is one such traditional place for flirting. Men and women spend most of their times at office. Hence it is but obvious that some amount of intimacy will develop. Generally we have things in common with our colleagues, in that we work in the same field.  And the office is a place where relationships develop naturally through being thrown together in the course of work. Flirting in the office can be a different matter though. Although some may agree to it, there are many who may find it quite offending.    


Flirting at work is totally different from flirting in a public place or at any other venue. While you are enjoying flirting at work, keep it in your mind that your every move is being watched by some one or the other. You have to be cautious about your gestures and flirting signals that you send to your interest. Be careful if you are being watched by any of the prying eyes sitting all around you. If you feel your intimacy with the concerned person is not liked by many you should stop it there and continue your activity elsewhere. After all it isn’t smart to risk your career for this momentary pleasure.

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