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High heels? No thank you!


Blame the nature of the species; people tend to like things which aren’t good for them. The high heel, though a fabulous to look at creation, is actually harmful to the feet. Who ever invented the high heel certainly did not make it with the well being of the feet in mind. Women know that the high heel isn’t good for their feet and yet they can’t resist it. Is it a small price to pay for looking good? Well read on, because the fact certainly doesn’t look so good.   


Regularly wearing shoes that are too narrow for your feet and with unnatural tilts, and of course there is no other shoe that tops this list than the high heel, you may soon be finding yourself ailing from the following foot problems.


Painful rubbing of thick and hard layers of skin that develops due to friction between your shoe and your foot.


Ingrown toe nails due to constant pressure on your toes and nail beds.


High-heels can worsen bunions (bony bumps that form on the joint at the base of your big toe) and bunionettes (bumps on the joint of your little toe).


When your toes are forced against the front of your shoe, an unnatural bending of your toes, known as hammertoes results, and when these rub against the roof of your shoe, it may hurt.


Wearing heels prevents the Achilles tendon (the strong, fibrous cord that connects your calf muscle to your heel bone) from fully stretching and overtime may contract to the point that you no longer feel comfortable wearing flats.


With all your body weight focused on the balls of your feet, increased pressure, strain and pain in your forefoot may result.


Stress fractures which are tiny cracks in one of the bones of your foot, may result from the pressure high heels place on your forefoot.


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