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Ties and shirts: knot a problem! 


Office dress codes today demand that you show up at work in shirt and ties. Ties are meant to be worn with shirts and shirts look so much better with ties. Shirts and ties, if worn correctly, can make you look good too (or at least it should!). Check out these 7 cardinal rules that apply for the tie and shirts.  


There is no such thing as a short-sleeve dress shirt. Ties should be worn on dress shirts only.


White or blue dress shirts are safe bets for office wear. Spice up your office wear with a few dark-toned, striped, or check shirts.


Always go for for pure cotton shirts. Polyester and cotton mixed shirts hold their press well but will fade over time. With pure cotton shirts, the color lasts longer.


Within office premises, button up your shirts fully and keep that tie well tied. A loose your tie and an open collar button is for those Friday nights when you head straight to the bar from your office.


Tie your knot so that it has a dimple underneath the knot. A properly tied necktie will have a dimple under the knot.


Adjust the width of your tie's knot to the width of your shirt collar. The wider the collar, the wider the knot should be.


The bottom of your tie should just cover your belt buckle.

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