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Guys that shouldn’t qualify


If you’re on the dating game with a purpose, and if that purpose is to snag a husband, simplify your search by eliminating the guys that fall in the following description. It’ll save you time and a lot of heartache.


Those on the rebound: Those fresh out of a relationship are going through the recovery process. While he’s physically with you, his mind might not. He may also be using you to temporarily fill his loneliness and forget his pain, whether he realizes it or not.

Those who constantly bad mouth their ex: Whether he likes his ex or not, there’s no reason why he should verbally abuse on them. Such a guy is unwilling to take responsibility for his shortcomings in the relationship.

Those who are totally dependent on others: If he needs his dad’s cooperation to take you out or his mother to do his laundry, you should be aware of this guy. A guy in no hurry to grow up, become independent or financially responsible is a red flag.

Those who never invite you over: Maybe his home includes a family he’s not telling you about or it could mean he’s cheating on someone else or it could simply mean that he’s embarrassed of something. This concealment should also be seen as a warning.

The fast and the desperate: Making fast moves are signs that he’s uncomfortable being by himself or he’s looking for a woman to help solve his problems. If he asks for intimacy or marriage too quickly, or spills loads of very personal information at the drop of the hat, get moving!

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